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Mohammed R Alsuwaidi

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1. “Mohammed Al Suwaidi is most noted for his work as local counsel, and has many years of experience concerning matters in the oil and gas sector. He also leads matters in the local courts for major companies in the banking and real estate industries, including assistance with the enforcement of arbitral awards. A well-recognised figure in commercial litigation, he is also active as an arbitrator.” Chambers Global 2020

2. Robert Sliwinski awarded award for Dispute Resolution lawyer of the year for the Middle East.

Robert primarily deals with claims for professional negligence, property, landlord & tenant, delay analysis, costs, variations, defects, interpretation of contracts, repudiation, and many other aspects of contract in the areas of building, civil engineering, mechanical & electrical, waste water treatment and process engineering as well as property related issues.

Robert has substantial knowledge and experience of the contracting and dispute processes within the United Arab Emirates, Africa and the Far East (Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia).  His role as a neutral dispute resolver has taken him across the world including the Middle East, USA, Caribbean, Europe and Cyprus.

Robert joined Al Suwaidi in May 2020 as Counsel in order to allow him to enhance the practice as dispute resolver and client representative in the Middle East and Asia

Robert has over 35 years’ experience of the construction industry with particular emphasis on all forms of alternative dispute resolution. Robert specialises in all aspects of the property and construction representing parties as well as undertaking appointments as arbitrator, adjudicator, expert determiner, mediator and dispute board member.

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