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We help you establish your businesses IP and help keep it protected

Alsuwaidi & Company offers a full range of Intellectual Property (IP) services which include intangible rights such as Trademarks, Designs, Patents, Copyrights, Geographical Indications etc.  Our IP services specifically cover devising effective strategies from seeking protection through attaining statutory rights before the relevant authorities. We conduct thorough pre-filing searches and investigations, providing our clients with comprehensive bespoke reports as regards such outcomes. Based on these pre-filing searches, we provide our clients cogent opinions on the availability of potential IP matters for registration purposes which makes it easier for them to make informed decisions as to which IP to adopt. 

We efficiently handle both contentious and non-contentious IP issues. Our contentious IP practice handles all dispute matters from relatively straightforward copyright and design issues to large scale and complex trademark infringement matters including domain name disputes. And subsequently to enforce such rights where deemed appropriate with the help of the domestic and ‘off shore’ courts of law against unauthorised third parties along with taking any criminal enforcement actions, if required. We also file ‘watch’ notices with Customs and work along with said authorities to maintain border control measures.  This service allows the brand owners to record their registered Trademark and Copyright (which are already registered with the Ministry of Economy) for Customs’ protection.  Such recordation enables the brand owners to file complaints with specific information on violating imports by any unauthorized importers. We can effectively initiate and defend oppositions, cancellations, along with filing and prosecuting appeals from any Registrar or court decisions.

Further, our non-contentious practice involves efficiently prosecuting IP applications, along with advising our clients on IP issues. We are always mindful of the business considerations of our clients. Accordingly, we provide our clients with pragmatic and cost-effective solutions while assisting them with their IP portfolio management, attend to post registration formalities including renewals and restoration IP rights, payment of annuities, etc. Furthermore, we regularly advise our clients on the assignments, licensing and franchising of IP rights which enables them to derive optimum value from such an IP asset/s and if need be, also record such transfers and licenses with the relevant authorities.

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