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Understanding our Client's needs

Understanding our client needs

Our full rights of audience before the UAE courts give us a significant edge in how we handle our client dispute matters. Our approach is rooted in pragmatism founded through our insider knowledge on how matters are interpreted and resolved in court. This gives us a significant edge and sets us apart from several firms who do not have full rights of audience in the UAE.

We have operated in the region for over two decades, so have both a deep-rooted knowledge and legal network. Unlike newcomers to this region, our knowledge and practice is rooted in a deep history of providing practical solutions to clients that befits this region. In addition to building on our practice knowledge, our firm and our lawyers have developed together with regional precedence which gives us an insight and unrivalled understanding in our handling of all dispute matters in the UAE. We are not strangers in the court circuits and our firm and advocates are well respected and known amongst judges across the UAE. 

Alsuwaidi & Company’s Dispute Resolution lawyers are active in responding to client queries During our recent Client Feedback Survey, 98.8% of our clients which responded agreed that our lawyers respond in a timely way to their enquiries.

Alsuwaidi & Company use technology to enhance client experience. Alsuwaidi & company is a forward-thinking firm. We champion legal technology that help us better serve our clients. An often-heard general client grievance is that their legal service provider may not provide systematic updates to them on their matters. At Alsuwaidi & Company, our Dispute Resolution lawyers use a regional bilingual case management technology. This platform enables our lawyers to effectively manage matters from start to finish, and further assists lawyers in providing systematic updates to clients – thus improving our client experience and enabling a methodical and effective management of all client matters. By providing access to our clients of their matters, our clients can see live time updates which contributes to our overall client satisfaction level.

We provide clients a value-add solution to their legal needs. Clients are looking for value. Our investment in technology has helped with keeping us within client budget, but also, through efficiently managing our matters through technological automation, we are able to be more-timely and provide our clients with effective solutions to their legal needs in a cost effective way. This gives us an enviable edge, since we provide our clients effective and pragmatic solutions, within a framework of deep-rooted regional knowledge and understanding, delivering excellent service, performed in a timely manner – at optimum cost. We conducted a recent survey and we are pleased to report that 96.5% of the respondents agreed that Alsuwaidi & Company was priced fairly.