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Legal Corner with Alsuwaidi & Company / Swiss Business Council Dubai. “How to Avoid & Handle Bad Debts”

Alsuwaidi & Company was recently invited to perform a presentation before the Swiss Business Council held in Dubai, UAE. Our Senior Associate, Mr. Suneer Kumar represented our firm by leading a seminar on the topic: ‘How to Avoid & Handle Bad Debts’. Mr. Suneer’s depth of research and understanding on the topic in question, and his ability to present the subject in such an interesting way produced a very memorable and engaging presentation for all the attendees.

The seminar trained everyone to effectively identify bad debts and the detrimental effects it may have on a business, as well as familiarized them with means of avoiding bad debts and mitigating its effects through measures and remedies.

The in-depth presentation provided a lot of information to be desired for, yet also allowed room for much discussions and many immersed questions to be asked during the end, which Mr. Suneer was able to address and answer with relative ease and sound knowledge – demonstrating Alsuwaidi & Company as the go-to law firm for all your effective solutions.