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Tourism Boost: The New Five-Year Multiple-Entry Tourist Visa

This month, the UAE Cabinet approved the issuance of a five-year, multiple entry tourist visa for all nationalities visiting the country. This move aims to enhance the UAE’s position as a top tourist destination and further strategically supports the Dubai Expo 2020 efforts.

Holders of the five-year multiple entry tourist visa shall be allowed to stay in the UAE for a period of six (6) months on each visit . This is a welcome development for tourists, visitors and UAE residents who now have the option to apply for a tourist visa once and may re-enter on the same visa.

Currently, tourists can visit with a single entry for 30 days or multiple entry for 90, from the date of the entry. Such enhancement shall increase the number of business visitors, family visitors of residents and those who decide to visit the UAE on short notice from countries where potential visitors may have had to re-apply for a new tourist visa.

The details behind the five-year, multiple entry tourist visa shall be introduced to the people within the next four months. While eligibility and terms and conditions are said to remain the same as those in place for other tourist visa types, the UAE’s Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship has been tasked by the UAE Cabinet with implementing the new decision.

The announcement was well-received by UAE’s business community who anticipate sustainable growth arising from a continuous inflow of tourists to the UAE who shall spend on the local economy from retail through hospitality thereby providing added lift to the real estate, transportation, tourism and entertainment sectors.

We at Alsuwaidi & Company shall continue to monitor the developments, implementing rules and further details surrounding this important decision that will surely support the achievement of the UAE’s goal to welcome more tourists into the country for this year and further into this decade.

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