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Scent Trademark Registration

Scent trademark registration

Scent trademark registration – The new trademarks law i.e., Federal Decree-Law no. (36) of 2021 in UAE now specifically provides for registration of “smell” marks considering that the definition of “trademark” under Article (2) of the said law has been widened to include such a mark. There are very few countries in the world which provide for registration of such marks.

Rajiv Suri’s article, which featured in the Trademark Lawyer Magazine (TLM), delves into the registration of smells/scents as a trademark, its requisitions etc., even though attaining such a registration is a challenging proposition. There have been very few such registrations granted worldwide, some of which are mentioned in the article. To read more, please click here.

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Rajiv Suri is a senior associate in the intellectual property and corporate and commercial team at Alsuwaidi & Company. Rajiv advises clients on strategies involving a wide range of intellectual property and commercial laws including contractual agreements and digital assets. He has been involved in managing corporate portfolios across various industries.