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Enforcement of Foreign Court Judgments in Civil Proceedings

Delve into the complexities of recognizing and enforcing foreign court judgments in UAE local courts with practical insights in a write up authored by our Senior Associate, Rajiv Suri. Explore the Montevideo Convention’s principles, the ‘lotus principle,’ and the territoriality principle, uncovering the nuances of sovereignty and jurisdiction. Understand the pivotal role of bilateral agreements and unilateral recognition in the enforcement process of such judgments. To read more, please click here

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Rajiv Suri -Intellectual Property Lawyer in Dubai

Rajiv Suri is a senior associate in the intellectual property and corporate and commercial team at Alsuwaidi & Company. Rajiv advises clients on strategies involving a wide range of intellectual property and commercial laws including contractual agreements and digital assets. He has been involved in managing corporate portfolios across various industries.